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Spermatech at NRKP2

Published 28.09.11 Oslo

Listen to researchers in Spermatech and investor Gunnar Hvammen talk about male contraceptives on the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK2

P-piller for menn

Take a pill, dude

Published 15.11.10 Toronto, Canada

Read the article from This Magazine about why a male contraceptive pill is still not on the market


Henter 50 mill for testing av p-pille

Published 08.11.10 Oslo, Norway


Utvikler hormonfri p-pille for menn

Published 01.01.10 FUGE nytt, Oslo, Norway

Spermatech is financed by The Research Council of Norway. Read about Spermatech and our research in the latest issue of their news journal FUGE Nytt (norwegian).


Snøball Film: Biotechnology industry, from idea to realization

Published 06.08.09 School of Biotechnology, Norway

This film from the School of Biotechnology is presented to students of secondary schools in Norway. The main goal is to encourage young people to study natural sciences. Spermatech is used as an example of a small biotechnology company situated in Norway (norwegian).

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On the Norwegian Biotechnology Industry

Published 01.03.09 Mediaplanet, Norway

Read an interview with Eirik Næss-Ulseth, the co-founder and CEO of Spermatech AS (Norwegian).

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Pille für den Mann

Published 26.05.08 Der Spiegel, Germany

Spermatech's collaboration with Evotec AG in Hamburg got attention in the famous weekly magazine Der Spiegel (German).

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Spermatech, Evotec to screen target for male contraceptive

Published 19.03.08 Bioworld International, USA

Bioworld International is a recognized newspaper which gives weekly reports about global technology developments. Spermatech's collaboration with the early drug discovery company Evotec AG attracted international attention and the story was covered in this issue of Bioworld International.


Spermatech AS –making a male contraceptive by targeting a sperm specific protein kinase A.

Published 01.10.07 NBS nytt, Norway

Read about Spermatech and our technology in the journal of the Norwegian Biochemical Society.


P-pille for menn om to år

Published 01.04.07 NRK national television, Norway

Researchers at Spermatech explain their technology on national television (Norwegian).

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Sædceller uten svømmeknapp

Published 27.02.07 Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway

Stavanger Aftenblad speculates in the future human mating scene after Spermatech's success with a male contraceptive (Norwegian).

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P-pille for menn

Published 23.03.06 Apollon, Norway

Apollon, a research magazine published by the University of Oslo has reported on Spermatech's male contraception program (Norwegian).

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Vil lage p-piller for menn

Published 04.02.05 Adresseavisa, Norway

The Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisa wrote about Spermatech and the concept behind a male birth control pill.

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Sikret p-pille patent for menn

Published 01.02.05 Dagens Næringsliv, Norway

The licence agreement with the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) got attention in the leading Norwegian financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (Norwegian).

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Way seen to male birth-control pill

Published 31.01.05 The Boston Globe

Researchers at The University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMSS) announced their discovery of a strategy for immobilizing sperm and the agreement with Spermatech to develop a male contraceptive pill.

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