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Boar sperm activator nominated for pilot field trial

Published 08.05.15 Oslo

Spermatech together with Norsvin has developed a sperm activator  to improve boar fertility. The selected activator will be used for artificial insemination. Nominating a swine sperm activator is one of the major milestones of this project, and will allow us to initiate a pilot field study this autumn (2015). The R & D project is funded by the Research Council of Norway.

Spermatech initiates cooperation with Drug Discovery Laboratory AS

Published 25.10.14 Oslo

Oslo, Norway – Spermatech AS has entered a drug optimization and development program with drug discovery company Drug Discovery Laboratory AS. The program will optimize the potency of identified hit compounds inhibiting target proteins in sperm cells involved in sperm motility and fertilization. DDL will also aid in the improvement of pharmacokinetics.


Spermatech is awarded Research Council grant for their male contraception program

Published 24.06.13 Oslo

Spermatech has achieved an R&D grant to their male contraception project from the BIA program run by the Research Council of Norway .  


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